Bassilico Cafe: Burgers That Are Perfectly Succulent and Smoky

Bassilico Cafe is another humble yet glorious burger shop located in Cuartero, Jaro. There might be days that  we randomly wishing to have a bite or two. Seeing an aesthetically-photographed burger can wake us up and send us straight to burger shops.

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bassilico cafe sign

But with all the places that promise to you something delicious, how will you know that it is worth a try? Burger experience includes everything – comfortable dining experience, budget-friendly prices, fresh buns, real vegetables, juicy and beefy patty – even the sauces and cheese that gives you an unexplained burst of flavors. You can not stop until you have munched the last crumbs.

bassilico cafe facade

Bassilico Cafe Menu

Burger is the one which is highly-recommended  to try at Bassilico Cafe. Their burger is something that refuses to get left behind the competition.

Aside from their burger offers, Bassilico Cafe also serves pasta, pizza and chicken meals.

bassilico cafe menu

bassilico cafe menu

What We Had

We tried a few good food – bassilico super supreme burger with crisp and carbonara pasta. Bassilico’s burger is the best thing on the menu. The burger itself is perfect and  the bacon does a really good job in existing with the patty, integrating flavors effortlessly without taking away the supposed flavor. And the crisp? It adds decadence to the whole burger experience.

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bassilico cafe meals

bassilico cafe carbonara

bassilico cafe burger

How To Get There

Getting there is a little tricky. The very jeepney that passes by the area is only Jaro Liko NFA. But you can ride Leganes or Jaro CPU and walk a few block. This is right in front of the elementary school in Cuartero.

Bassilico Cafe is “restarting” again. Before the modernization and birth of upscale food places in Iloilo, it has been here serving the Ilonggo with dictionary definition of a burger. From the buns which have a unique taste to them and the cheese that’s melted so perfectly blending well with the juicy beef patty up to the crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and onions – the whole package is definitely worth your support again.


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