Ukiyo Cafe [CLOSED]

Ukiyo Cafe is a milk tea shop in Iloilo that is Japanese inspired. It is a local milk tea shop but can absolutely compete when it comes to price and quality of leading milk tea brands in the metro.

Ukiyo Cafe had a semi-colon in its logo. Aside from grammar related definition of a semi-colon, this semi-colon is used as a message to affirm solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues.

ukiyo how to order

Ukiyo Cafe Menu

Their Japanese milk tea collection is a must-try. Their matcha is also great. I believe matcha fans will rejoice to this taste. Lemon collection is also something you should not miss. Aside from these, you can also grab a cup of chocolate and coffee from this place.

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ukiyo menu

ukiyo menu

ukiyo menu

What I had

It was a drinks mukbang! I tried a sip from different flavors. Their brown sugar collection which known locally as “pulot” the Brown Sugar Milk Tea Boba with Cream Mouse (their best-seller drink), Tokyo Cheese cake and Booba Milk Tea, Lemon Yakult, Matcha and Coffee. They are all equally delicious depending on what fix you need for the day.

To achieve the optimal taste, you need to shake the cup 10 times to make the boba chewy and tasty. As per their menu, if the drink is left untouched for a long time, the boba will become a little hard.

ukiyo yakult

ukiyo teas

ukiyo pulot

ukiyo milkteas

ukiyo milktea

ukiyo matcha

ukiyo coffee

How To Get There

This Japanese inspired shop is located along E. Lopez Street. It is just near West Visayas State University. For a more precise landmark, it is across McDonalds. Mostly their customers are students and medical practitioner in the nearby hospital.

You can ride Jaro jeepney such as Jaro CPU, Jaro CPU Ungka ITGSI, Jaro Liko Tagbak Terminal and Jaro Liko NFA. All these jeepneys are passing by the area and the store is just beside the street.


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