The Urban Table: A Farm to Table Experience

The Urban Table is a gem in Zone 7, Brgy. Caboloan Norte, Oton, Iloilo. This is the restaurant part of the place. Another piece is their Urban Glamp which is set to have its grand opening in July of 2023. The Urban Table, vows to experience to offer the ultimate farm-to-table experience to every guest.

urban table

Their ingredients are sourced within their place. It is a great option for a family getaway – whether on a weekday or a weekend. The location is also not too far away from the city.

urban table signage

The Urban Table is open since December 2022. 

The Urban Table Menu

The place aims to bring Manila to Iloilo. The menu is dominated not by Ilonggo dishes not because they don’t support local but because they wanted Ilonggos to experience and offer something different.

Urban Table Menu

What We Had

urban table oton what we had

For starters, we get to taste their Creamy Chicken Binakol Soup.

Creamy Chicken Binakol Soup

For appetizers, we had Crispy Lettuce Salted Egg Ensalada, and Sinuglaw and Baked Chicken Skin.

Sinuglaw and Baked Chicken Skin

Sinuglaw and Baked Chicken Skin Urban Table

Crispy Lettuce Salted Egg Ensalada Urban Table

The Crispy Lettuce and Salted Egg Ensalada is their best-seller. It is like fried kangkong but leveled up. I love how the flavors complemented each other, the crispness of lettuce goes well with the saltiness of the egg, the freshness of tomatoes and onions, and the sweet and sour kick of the dressing.

Crispy Lettuce Salted Egg Ensalada

Urban Table Crispy Lettuce Salted Egg Ensalada

For the Sinuglaw and Baked Chicken Skin, they use tuna instead of the usual tangigue. The chicken skin is also healthier because it is baked, not fried but still crisp. It tasted like lechon skin.

Urban Table Sinuglaw and Baked Chicken Skin

For the Mains, we get to try their Chicken Dinakdakan, Aligue Express, Black Truffle Bulalo, and Crispy Tokwa’t Baboy.

urban table Chicken Dinakdakan

Crispy Tokwa't Baboy

Black Truffle Bulalo

Aligue Express

For their dinakdakan version, they use chicken instead of innards. And since it is an Ilokano version of sisig, it has to be topped with chicharon but they also use the same crispy chicken skin as toppings.

Chicken Dinakdakan

The mains go well with plain rice. But if you are a fan of other rice versions, the place is also serving them.

Plain Rice

Surprisingly, the meat is so tender, equating to the Ilonggo term luntok as it melts in your mouth without losing the flavor. Those who are eating with dentures will never hesitate to take a bite because you don’t get that chewy “bubble gum-ish” feeling and you will not fear or get scared to take a bite. 

Black Truffle Bulalo Urban Table

This is what makes it friendlier to a family gathering because young kids and our senior members can munch their food comfortably.

Crispy Tokwa't Baboy Urban Table

Lastly, for desserts, we had their Famous Banana Pudding and Mango Langka Souffle.

Famous Banana Pudding

Mango Langka Souffle

As a sweet tooth, this is always my favorite part.

Mango Langka Souffle Urban Table

Famous Banana Pudding Urban Table

Urban Table Mango Langka Souffle

The Urban Table Business Hours

The Urban Table is open from 11:30 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. on Tuesdays – Sundays.

They are closed every Monday.

For weekend goers, it is highly recommended to book a reservation.

urban table oton iloilo

urban table oton

urban table iloilo

How to Get There

As mentioned, the place is located at Zone 7, Brgy. Caboloan Norte, Oton, Iloilo. It is almost at the boundary of Oton and San Miguel towns of Iloilo Province. For those with private cars, simply search Urban Table via Google Maps and the location’s pin is at the exact address.

For fellow commuters, here’s the guide.

Via Oton

If you are to pass via Oton Area, you need to ride an Oton Jeepney (either Anhawan or Derecho would do) going to Tinda Oton. From Iloilo City, Oton jeepneys’ loading areas are located near Monkey Grounds, Molo Plaza, and Mohon Terminal.

From Tinda Oton, look for a tricycle that has a route going to Zone 7, Brgy. Caboloan Norte, Oton, Iloilo.

Via San Miguel

If you choose to pass via San Miguel, just ride a San Miguel jeepney and tell the konduktor to drop you at the bangga of SFive Inland Resort. This is a few blocks after Pepsi-Cola and Lumina Homes. From the bangga, you can ride a tricycle and go inside.

For Iloilo City residents, the most convenient place to get a ride for the San Miguel jeepney is at Festive Hub Transport Terminal in Megaworld. You can also take Hibao-an jeepneys going to Hibao-an Terminal where San Miguel jeeps are also loading for passengers.

urban table roof top

Their pool is also now open so kids and kids at heart can take a dip.

urban table pool

pool urban table

The place will soon be an inland resort, their rooms, and amenities are set to have their grand opening this July 2023.


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