FTI Restaurant: Culinary Novelties

Flags Taste of India Resto Bar also known as FTI Indian Restaurant has one branch in Mandurraio where Ilonggo with the Indian community can enjoy food of quality ingredients and worth the expense.

There are only few good places in Iloilo where you can get the taste of Indian cuisine and this pub promises to give all of us food made with the most unique spices and unfamiliar flavor, but you will surprisingly like.

FTI Indian Restaurant

FTI Indian Restaurant Menu

FTI Indian Restaurant has a good Indian meal selection. They have appetizer, salad, roti, biryani, mutton, vegetable dishes, paneer, chicken, dhai, fish, kofta, omelet, dessert and rice.

Menu FTI Indian Restaurant

FTI Indian Restaurant Menu

During our visit, our table was the only one occupied by locals. The rest of the tables are taken by Indian people. But no need to feel intimidated, they have Ilonggo staff who are friendly to assist you.

What We Had

We had Chicken Biryani, Roti and Gulab Jumun for dessert.


Chicken Tandoori is one of their best-sellers. It is chicken marinated and cooked in the most authentic way.

Chicken Tandoori
chicken FTI Indian Restaurant
Chicken Tandoori

Gulub Jumun is my personal favorite. Since Indian food are rich in spices and flavors, having Gulab Jumun as a dessert will complete the hearty food experience. It is a sweet delicacy made of milk and sugar like our yema or leche flan but looks like the one in the photo.

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gulab jamon
Gulab Jumun

How to Get There

FTI Indian Restaurant is located beside Indian Sikh Temple in Mandurriao. Situated along R. Mapa Street, Tabucan, Old Iloilo Airport, Mandurriao. The most convenient jeepney to ride are only Mandurriao jeepneys – Molo, SM City or Hibao-an coming from different parts of the city.

Jeepneys such as Alimodian, San Miguel and Leon are also passing by the area but only for people coming from Mandurriao or Hibao-an areas. You can’t ride these jeepney from Jaro Market because they will pass by a different street on their way back.


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