Niño’s Burritos [CLOSED]

After an overloaded day, it is just perfect to neutralize it with overloaded nachos! Head straight to The Atria Park – where you can find countless restaurant to please your taste buds. But this time, we only have one place in mind – Niños Burritos! One place in Iloilo where you can savor Mexican flavors.

Let’s start our food trip! The most delicious of all is their wall, jk, it’s their wall and their official logo but we can’t eat it.

Ninos Burritos

Next is their plate. I will try to search downtown and home stores so I can find similar one ’cause I want this too on our table. Lovely, isn’t it?

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Ninos Burritos Plate

Okay, no worries if you are eating alone because there is someone who will be accompanying you as you eat. Presenting Juanita! She is going to be your good companion. Look at those puppy eyes … wait, she’s a donkey, btw, not a puppy. There are other two donkeys in the resto – Jorge and Alejandro. You will meet them when you eat there, of course.

Ninos Mascot

Ummm while waiting for our order, I took one candid shot of my foodie buddies – Mam Flo and yes, Alen – the one I told you in the previous post. Number 8. (Do you think it is good to bet on STL? I still need another number. LOL)

Finally! Our Mexican Food has arrived! (OA, it took only several minutes to have it prepared. You don’t really have to wait for so long. Hehe.)

Nachos Overload

Nachos Overload Ninos Burrito Nachos Ninos Burritos

Cucumber Blast

Refreshing cucumber blast with Alen at the background.

Cucumber Blast Ninos Burrito

Burritos Supreme

Unlike nachos which I had tried in other restaurants in Iloilo, it was my first time to eat burritos and it was good.

Burrito Supreme Ninos Burrito Burrito Ninos Burritos

Niño’s Burritos Menu


In case you want to try other Mexican meal, I took few pictures from their menu.

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Burrito Meals

Salad Menu Ninos Burrito

Rice Meals Ninos Burrito

Nachos Menu Ninos Burrito

*Disclaimer: Menu, prices, location and other information may change from the date this blog is posted.


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