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Undoubtedly Iloilo’s Queen of Heritage Houses, the Nelly Garden gained an iconic status representing the old grandeur of the city. Within its elegant halls, important personalities dined on sumptuous feasts and danced in grand balls. Its imposing architectural design has inspired the imagination of many Ilonggos and visitors alike for generations. A walk through its halls and gardens, and you would certainly feel the luxury, the class, and the pedigrees that were once present in this imposing Ilonggo mansion.

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Built-in 1928, the Beaux Art mansion was the conception of the Ilonggo philanthropist and statesman Don Vicente Lopez and his wife Doña Elena Hofileña. Before the construction of the stately mansion, the couple used to live near the Jaro Cathedral. Numerous religious activities, often requiring the use of small cannons resulting in constant noise, led to the couple’s decision to transfer to a much quieter location. The new home of the Lopezes is situated in a four-hectare property, a kilometer from Jaro’s center. It was spacious enough for Doña Elena to indulge her passion for flowers and gardening. The mansion was named after Don Vicente’s eldest daughter, Nelly.

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The rooms of the house speak of “elegance, refinement, and the lifestyle of the Ilonggo aristocracy”. The dining room, sala, and other venues for entertainment are all found on the ground floor, while the private rooms and the family sala are on the second level. Connecting the two floors is a spectacular winding stairway of rare tindalo wood.

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The sala, in all its grandeur, speaks of Don Vicente’s love for people-the exchange of ideas and conversation. In this hall, ambassadors, politicians, royalty, the elite, and the beautiful waltzed, danced and dined. Important guests of the house include American Governor Generals from Frank Murphy to Teddy Roosevelt Jr., Prince Chupra of Thailand, and many Philippine presidents including Corazon Aquino, who happened to sleep in the room where Imelda Marcos also stayed.

Source: Your Guide to Iloilo City (Mark Segador)

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