MORE Power Announces the MOST Affordable Electricity Rates Starting on July 2021 Bill

MORE Electric and Power Corporation (“MORE Power”) has announced that the most affordable power rate will be taking effect in their July 2021 bill of Iloilo City electric consumers.

How Much is kWhr in Iloilo City?

Starting July 2021, Iloilo City will have the following rates:

Rate Class Current Month July 2021 (A) Previous Month June 2021 (B) Variance
Residential 6.4562 10.0149 -3.5588
Intermediate 5.9142 9.2243 -3.3102
Commercial 6.1809 9.4910 -3.3102
Power 6.1215 9.4317 -3.3102
City Streetlights 5.9386 9.2487 -3.3102
City Offices 6.0482 9.3583 -3.3102
Other Government 5.7134 9.0235 -3.3102
How Much is kWhr in Iloilo City

What Makes up the Electricity Bill?

Generation. Cost of electricity generated by power plants. Paid to power generators.

Transmission. Cost of transporting high voltage electricity from the power plants to the distribution utilities through transmission towers. Paid to NGCP

System Loss. Cost of electricity wasted/lost during transmission (technical losses) or pilfered (non-technical losses). Losses above ERC approved cap are absorbed by the Utility.

Distribution, Supply and Metering. Cost of distributing electricity to the consumers. Paid to Distribution Utility.

Subsidies & Universal Charges. Includes Senior Citizen, Lifeline, Missionary, Environmental, etc. Paid to applicable Senior Citizens, Lifeliners, and Government Agencies.

VAT. Includes government mandated taxes.



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