More Power Iloilo Builds a New Substation in Megaworld


More Electric and Power Corporation (“MORE Power Iloilo”) the power distributor of Iloilo City has decommissioned its old power transformer in its substation in City Proper district and builds a new 30-megavolt-ampere (“MVA”) substation.

The new substation aims to give brighter days for Iloilo City ahead with a substation boost to the developments in the area, especially within the Iloilo Business Park (“IBP”) of Megaworld Corporation.

Also just recently, MORE Power Iloilo has decommissioned the old power transformer is 30-year-old 20MVA transformer and considered to be the oldest in the city’s power distribution system and replaced it with a new one in City Propoer District.

“We are in the midst of constructing another 30MVA substation in the Megaworld area. If we look at the area, there are 3 new buildings that are under construction. That’s aside from the fact that Saint Honore (one of the residential towers in IBP) and another condo will be energized this year,” Castro said.

“Actually, it will be good for 60MVA, pero inuna lang naton ang first phase which is the 30MVA. So, if the expansion in the area will be doubled, we have the capability to serve it already. It should be ready around September this year (2022),” he added.

MORE Power to Iloilo City, Literally

By end the of the year (2022), Iloilo city will have a total capacity of approximately 193MVA.

“Meaning we have an additional 43 MVA capacity or around 40% increase for this year. That should make our system at substation level more manageable and with breathing space,” Castro said.

On top of these, Castro shared that another 30MVA mobile substation will be on the way to further increase the city’s capacity.

“We ordered a 30MVA mobile substation approved by the ERC (“Energy Regulatory Commission”) para habang ginagawa ang isang substation, doon i-transfer. We cannot afford one substation ang mag-down,” Castro revealed.

MORE Major Investments this Year

MORE Power Iloilo has allocated ₱1 Billion budget for the following: development of Megaworld Substation; purchase of 30 MVA Mobile Substation; development of City Proper substation; improvement and upgrading of other substations and subtransmission lines; construction of Control Center building and associated equipment and reconductoring of various distribution lines.

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Castro summarized that all these modernization efforts of MORE Power Iloilo aims to give the Ilonggos the best service we all deserve.


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