New Year, New Money Saving Resolutions

Few more days left to 2022 and we are all ready to welcome 2023 with a bang! Just like last year, and the year before last year, we all had a list or two of that so-called “new years resolution”. Aside from regular exercise and eating healthy, money saving is also on my list.

It was not as big as others but I guess I must say I am most proud of my small wins before this year bids goodbye.

Like you, like all of us, I also wanted to improve myself, especially in building funds that will help secure my and my family’s future. I have compiled some of the new and not-so-new tips for me. I also hope you will find these helpful.

Minimize Being a Hoarder

Honestly, we have a lot of sitting random items around us. I would keep a whole cabinet of silverware and keep it as dinnerware on display which I don’t even remember using nor an intention to use sooner. I also keep a bunch of clothes in the hopes that I would still fit in them someday if I could go on a diet. All these and more. Lucky to have online “barter” communities where I have started trading these unused items for more useful ones like grocery stuff. It means extra savings and minimalist living. I still have a lot to trade off in the new year.

Pay Bills on Time

I am guilty because my bills keep on piling up and one thing, I want to improve is to pay them on time to omit the penalties and other charges being incurred for non-timely payments. I have this mindset that I will not still be disconnected, or I can pay “next time” but little did I know, interests and charges are accumulating and taking up some of my budgets.

Minimize Debt and Using Credit Cards

I will be honest that this year, I still have debts to be paid next year. Currently, I am a working student, and the money I earn as a salary-person is too little to pay my entire tuition, and books. My best option is to file loans here and there. Hopefully next year, I will be graduating so I can finally pay off most of the loans I got to get through my added degree.

This also includes minimizing the use of credit cards. I am mostly using them to buy books and school supplies and yes, still hoping to be able to cut down expenses in the coming year.

More Side Hustles

I have already accepted that the inflation rate has been increasing every single day and my salary is not increasing daily. The easiest solution that I could think of is increasing more money-making sources. Although I have a fixed monthly income, my everyday expenses have soared. The next performance review that we will be having is this month and will take effect in March. I don’t expect to get a high salary increase (I might not even get one) or if I will have, it will less likely to cover the inflation that has accumulated year-long.

Use Personal Calculators

Using personal calculators like is the thing I haven’t tried yet but I guess I will have to add to the list. These personal calculators provide consumers with a wide array of free financial calculators. I particularly like the savings calculator option. There are also other ones to try. I like the website because it is responsive, so it is optimized for desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

May we all start the new year on the right foot, claiming lesser money stress and positive financial changes.


Sheila is a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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