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21 kilometers away from the City of Love, there lays a family getaway spot that fits your budget – Mila’s Hill Inland Resort. From 8AM to 5PM, you can definitely enjoy their amenities for guests of all ages. Let me archive my experience on the said resort.

milas hills 2021

There are also a lot of packages from Mila’s Hills that you can choose from depending on how much your budget is and how many you are coming.
Because there is no corkage for food, we took with us grilled bangus and pork belly, rice, chicken adobo, fruits and a lot of chips. For drinks, they charge a very little amount for few cases of soft drinks and light drinks. The resort also offers home-cooked meals so we ordered a few – bulalo, pancit, chopseuy and crispy pata. Burp.

Mila’s Hills Rate (March 2021)


Adult/Children (3 y.o. and Above) 70
Senior Citizen & Pwd (with ID) P96.00 56


Swimming 100

Observe pool rules. Use lint free attire. Cotton and maong are not allowed in the pool.


Juices Bottle/Tetrapack 5 bottle/pc or 20.00 per pack
Softdrinks and Juices 1.5/1 liter/ 750 ml/ 1.25 / 1.75 15.00/Bottle
8oz, 12oz, 500ml Per case 75
San Mig Light/Red Horse Pilsen per Case 250
Red Wine Fundador Any Hard Liqour 70 per bottle
Juices Yakult Choco Drink Iced Tea 5 per piece
Red Horse 500ml 25
Red Horse 1L 45

Hotel Room Rates

Max Room Occupant 6 pax

(Check-In Time: 2:00pm Check-Out Time: 12:00nn Next day)

Single/Double Occupancy (1-2 Persons) 2400
Triple/Quadrupole Occupancy (3-4 Persons) 3000
Excess of 4 Pax 500/pax
With Free Breakfast, Entrance & Swimming (Pool Rules Applied)  
Hotel Family Room (Max 30pax) 13, 000
With Free Entrance & Swimming (Pool Rules Applied) Excess person 300/head  
Motel Family Room W/ Breakfast (Max 30 Pax) 15, 000

Cottages (Overnight)

Check-in Time 2:00pm Check-Out Time 12:00nn Next day  
Family Cottage (Max. Cap. 24pax) Additional P100 /Pax Excess  
Air con 6000
Non-air con 5000
Fanroom (max of 3 pax only) 700
Convan max of 10-12 pax 3000

Cottages (Daytime)

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

#2 #4 #6 #8 (max 8 pax) 500
(max 5 pax) 300
(max 10 pax) 700
#10 (15 pax) 1000
Big Cottage 1 (max 25 pax) 2000
Big Cottage 2 (max 15 pax) 1500

Function Room

(Until 12 Midnight Only)

Pavilion 1 (60 pax FREE ENTRANCE ONLY) Air con (8hrs) 8000
Excess Hours 250/hr
Non-air con(8hrs) 6000
Excess Hours 100/hr
Pavilion 2 (w/ 3 bays good for 500 pax-Aircon) 8hrs 26500
Excess Hours 800
PAVILION 2-A(max of 75 PAX) 8 hrs 75 FREE ENTRANCE 9000
Excess Hours 350
PAVILION 2-B(max of 75 PAX) 8hrs 75 FREE ENTRANCE 9000
Excess hours 350
PAVILION 2-C(max of 75 PAX) 8 hrs 75 FREE ENTRANCE 9000
Excess hours 350
PAVILION 1 EXTENSION ( max of 60pax) non-aircon 3000
RESTO FUNCTION(25-30 PAX)air con 4500


ZIPLINE: ONE (1) PAX (Min of Spax) 200
KAYAKING: 30 MIN/pax 50
Mini Viking Ride 3 for P100
Rock N’ Roll (Min of 8) P 50/head
Sky Cycle P50/2pax
M.R.T. (Mila’s Rail Transit) P50/pax (min of 4 pax)
Swan/Chicken Water Rides (30min) P50/pax (min of 3 pax)
Water Tricycle (30min) P50/pax (min of 2 pax)
Hamster roll P100/pax (half)
P150/pax (whole round)
Obstacle Course(min of 5 pax) P100/pax (min 5 PAX)
milas hills rate 2021

How to Get There:

We booked a PUJ (Public Utility Jeepney) in advance to take the family there. For commuters, you can go to Iloilo Terminal Market and ride a Zarraga or New Lucena jeepney and please tell the driver or the fare inspector to drop you off the area in the resort.
You can also find Mila’s Hills via Google Maps.

Travel time is around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The sun has already set the moment we decided to leave. My muscles are aching, my throat is soaring and my skin is burning but all these set of memories will never be forgotten.


Sheila is a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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