Games to Make Learning Math Fun for Every Ilonggo Children


I will be very honest that Math is my least favorite subject. No joke, if you are going to check my cards and transcript of records, these are the subjects in that I performed the worst. Growing up, I have no interest in mastering or improving this subject. Math was my sleeping pill – makes me snooze the fastest.

Well, I guess, partly because the materials we have are only analog ones. I also grow up far from the capital. I still remember my mother making do-it-yourself flashcards from the campaign material of the one running for senator in that election year. She would patiently write the number using a marker and keep them in a shoe box.

Also, those who have extra money are the ones who can afford to hire private tutors, buy activity books and enroll in summer or advanced classes. My father was my tutor, he patiently taught me the basic operations, especially division, and the proper way to use it. When things became more complicated, a family friend who was working as a vendor in the local market helped me understand fractions and decimals. After this, I am on my own.

Good thing that as the world gets modern, more and more free resources are getting developed. Through these games, Math will be easier and more fun to learn. Here are my top picks:

Sinal Game

Sinal Game is a fun game to practice what is the correct sign (operation) to complete the equation. It becomes more challenging because there is a time limit. It helps test accuracy and speed.

sinal game

Play Sinal Game here

Crazy Math Game

Crazy Math Game is like a modern flashcard. It will flash basic problems and you must be quick to answer. There is only a time limit and if you stay too long, game over. It will start from basic addition and subtraction and as your level goes higher, it introduces multiplication, division, and even negative numbers.

Crazy Math Game

Play Crazy Math Game here

Solve Math

Solve Math will challenge your skill to build the correct equation. Unlike the typical games where you have to answer, in this game, the answer is already given. It is you who will create the problem. There are sets of number and signs given and all you have to do is to arrange them in a way that the equation should yield the answer.

Solve Math

Play Solve Math here


Mathematic is the game of true or false. It will show an equation with answers and all you have to do is to click the “check” mark if it is true and the “x” mark if otherwise. Like the other games, there is also a time limit.


Play Mathematic here

These games are not only helpful for students themselves but also for parents and teachers who can make math more engaging and interesting to learn.

To try the other Math games, simply visit this site and for sure you’ll never run out of ideas on how to make Math the best subject in the world.


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