#EpicureSeries: Jingkee Eler of Nice to Meat You

To kick off our #EpicureSeries, we are starting off with a someone who manages a barbeque stall. Nice to Meat You is a humble kiosk located at Festive Nights along Festive Walk Parade and it is operational during weekend (Thursdays to Sundays) from 4PM until very late.

We always see the photos of barbeque everywhere but now it is the perfect time to meet the person behind it – Jingkee Eler.

Let us get to know more of her and her business.

Tell us something about Jingkee.

jingkee eler

I am a goal driven person. Always eager to learn what I need to learn. I am positive and  loving. I treat everyone special. I am the youngest in the family. When I was a child, I dreamed of being a flight steward because I love traveling.  I don’t know where I got that spirit but I am really happy when I am in the roads exploring new cities.

I am a Registered Nurse but I only practiced once.  I am a proud “Sagradista”. I am a half Spanish since both of my mom and dads is Spanish and Chinese.

I am a mother at 17 years old. Yes, I got pregnant early. And yes, I am and still in love and happy with my ex-boyfriend now my husband. I am interested in everything randomly. From books to person to different countries. I am a “Seize the Day Person”. I enjoy what today can offer and savor everything.

I am strong and always willing to share what I learn.

With all the food places to compete in Iloilo, how do you keep your menu and offer exciting?

nice to meat you

I always innovate, innovate, innovate my products. I always put my ideas into action and get a feedback from my suki  if this product does not work, I am open to change and I also critic myself. I am opinionated and always value another people’s feedback.

I keep my menu offer exciting by randomly asking questions to our customers what we can still do to upgrade, observe my other competitors and learn what I need to learn

What are some of the biggest challenges you have encountered and what did you learn from them?

nice to meat you

As of today, my biggest challenge are my people. They came from all walks of life. from Yuppies to professional to not so old. They are my best weapon. I learn everyday different characters, different attitudes and different manners.

My other challenges are product innovation, product quality and the system. But again, everything can be learn. I believe there is nothing easy. It is purely hard work and dedication. My “WHYS” are my everything that keep me going.

What is the biggest fulfillment you have in having this business venture?

Nice to Meat You

My biggest fulfillment in having my own business is financial freedom. You can buy whatever u want without worrying anything.

Any final message or advice you can share to someone who is dreaming of having a restaurant?

juice colored and nice to meat you

To start is so hard but you need to enjoy the process. Do not fear to fail, hence enjoy the failures but learn from it. Always learn from your mistakes and always observe. Read a lot of books and take actions. Solicit advice to those who wanted to help and always be positive.

Attitude in every business is important.

For full details about Jingkee’s business, please read: Nice to Meat You.


Sheila is a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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