The Best Food Places in Miagao, Iloilo

Food places in Miag-ao can absolutely compete with the food places around world.  Being a 1st class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Miag-ao is not only known for UP or the church but also for the flavors and food experience it can offer. Whenever you find yourself in this heritage town, grab the chance to check out the food spots it has to offer.

1. Vineyard

Photo by Vineyard

Vineyard is a local restaurant in Miagao which serves Filipino inspired home-cooked food and desserts. It is a must try resto because of the innovative dishes with a tint of inspiration from foreign flavors.

2. Into D Woods Cafe

Into d’ Woods Cafe is a place where you can have a good meal while spending time with nature. They serve hand-made thin crust pizza and good burger.

Photo by Into d Woods Cafe

3. Shipwreck Coffee House

Shipwreck Coffee House is a pirates-theme cafe in Miag-ao where you can get good coffee and snacks. They are also collaborating with Mi Yummy to serve milk tea.

Photo by Shipwreck Coffee House

4. Barbacoa Grill and Resto

Barbacoa Grill & Resto sells shredded beef dish that is usually seen in shawarma or tacos, but in their resto, they complimented it with rice. Other meals are also available.

Photo by Barbacoa Grill and Resto

5. Eliseo’s Food Hub

Eliseo’s Food Hub offers Ilonggo lunch favorites you can buy per serving. They are posting their menu daily where you can choose from.

Photo by Eliseo’s Food Hub

6. Nerizen Batchoyan

Nerizen Batchoyan is a proof that batchoy also belongs to Miag-ao. They have regular batchoy, batchoy with fresh egg, batchoy with wonton and batchoy overload.

Photo by Nerizen

7. Vince Tapsi

Vince Tapsi is a seaside food place offering hearty and budget-friendly meals. They are famous for their tapsilog. Teriyaki and spicy fried chicken is also good.

Photo by Vince Tapsi

8. Daray-ahan Cafe

Daray-ahan Cafe is where you can have coffee and snacks with a view. The best time to come here is sunset where you can be in setting with peculiar hues.

Photo by Daray-Ahan Cafe

9. South Bay CResT

South Bay CResT is a place of culinary experimentation for gastronomic adventure. There will always be something new to try. A place to to sip, dine, stay to chat, chill and hang out.

Photo by South Bay CResT

10. Beans and Bubbles

Beans and Bubbles is a laundry shop and a cafe. Where you can have your laundry washed and order something comforting.

Photo by Beans and Bubbles


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