MORE’s Advisory on First Bill


To Our Dear Electric Consumers of Iloilo City:

In the interest of the electric consumers of Iloilo City, we at MORE Power advise you, our customers, that there may be an overlap in your first and second power bills. Consumers will be receiving their second bill before their first bill due to the following reasons:

Transition Period

MORE Power has officially taken over as the electricity distribution utility of Iloilo City on February 29, 2020. It was only then that MORE was able to closely examine all consumers’ electric meters for cut-off reading determination. In an effort to ensure that all 65,000 consumers’ electric meters are properly accounted for and read, a thorough survey was conducted that will necessarily result in a slight delay on the delivery of your first bill. The delay will only be on the first bill.

We are working non-stop to make sure that all our targets relating to all consumers’ cut-off readings are met.
Due to the unique nature of the takeover and transition, we reiterate that your first bill with MORE will cover a longer billing period from February 29, 2020 to May 14, 2020.


As we have mentioned, we want to make sure that all electric meters are accounted for. And to ensure absolute transparency, we will furnish all consumers with a time and date stamped photograph of their respective electric meters showing the first reading and the end of the billing period.
We want to provide you, our consumers, with the highest degree of transparency especially during this transition period which could be a source of confusion for many. These photographs will give you a closer look at your individual electric meters and a point of reference for the respective meter readings.


Your trust is our highest consideration with our service delivery. We are making sure that you will receive only the accurate reading and computation of your bills.
For the first billing, all consumers will be furnished with individual letters containing the snapshot of your electric meter readings and the basis for the computation. The computation included is presented in such a way that is comprehensive and easy to understand.

Advisories Pertaining to COVID-19

Pursuant to the advisories rolled out by the Energy Regulatory Commission and the City Government of Iloilo with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, a slight delay in the meter readings for the first bill took effect as our meter reading teams adhered to weekend lock down measures and safe meter reading guidelines.


The slight delay on the delivery of the first bill will affect only a small percentage of the consumers in Iloilo City. Rest assured that this is brought about only by the uniqueness of the present situation and will affect exclusively the first billing.

We ensure that our meter reading teams are kept safe during these difficult times so that we may also safeguard the safety of the public.


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