Bugoy’s Seafood Restaurant is situated beside the sea which is overlooking the Province of Guimaras. Iloilo City is known to be abundant in seafood and we are all assured that everyday we deserve fresh catch from the seas.



Just in Coastal Road area alone, there were almost countless of restaurants and it stretches until the areas of Leganes up to Dumangas. Seafood lovers will never run out of option what to try next. In the other side of the city, there is also a handful gastronomic places from Villa and Oton stretching all the way to San Joaquin.

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Bugoy’s Seafood Restaurant Menu

Their best-seller is seafood dishes. But for those who wanted to eat in the place but not a fan of seafood need not worry. Their menu has pork, beef and chicken choices. The place is also housing a separate café where you can grab good coffee and pastries.

Bugoys menu

Menu bugoys

What We Had

We had a good lunch. We ordered seafood teppanyaki, fish sinigang, buttered chicken and grilled talaba.

Bugoys buttered chicken

Grilled talaba bugoys

Seafood tepanyaki bugoys

Isda sinigang bugoys

How to Get There

Public transportation is quite a challenge to reach the place. We got here through private vehicle. This place is located along the coastal road of Jaro, Iloilo City. You can opt to ride jeepney passing the main road and hire tricycle going the area or the most convenient could be riding a taxi.

Ilonggos are seafood-loving people. Good thing also that there are a lot of seafood restaurants all over the city and province. You can find seafood restaurants even in malls, food parks, food districts and even food courts.

It is evident that whenever we needed a break or a family lunch or a local or foreign visitor comes by, the first option we have in mind is always to make them try the seafoods of Iloilo.


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