The Navigator: Atty. Joseph Go

Atty. Joseph Go is the Navigator of the Light of Glory Taxi Services.

Should you find yourself in a taxicab within Iloilo City limits, you will most likely be in one of Joseph Go’s fleet. And regardless of who is actually behind the wheel, you might as wel| have been driven to your destination by Joseph Go himself.

Atty. Joseph Go

Such is the value Joseph puts on integrity: “We consider the drivers our customers, so they will treat their riders the same way. In the end, our drivers always come back to us, and their riders always come back to them. The staff undergoes continual training, and we believe this contributes not just to a good name for the business, but is transformative and helps build confidence and well-being in the drivers themselves.”

His philosophy of empowerment may have indeed paid off in spades, as a quick Internet search reveals gushing reviews from a bevy of satisfied customers flooding forums and message boards with nothing but praise for Light of Glory on their lips. What little negative comments exist are dealt with swiftly, often with a quick reply from no less than Joseph himself.

The undeniable success o his company notwithstanding, Joseph$ passion continues to be evident as we ask about his outlook on the city: It’s all about the branding, the marketing,” he proclaims, referencing cities such as Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. “If they can do it, so can we. There is no doubt that Iloilo would do better if it were marketed more effectively to investors. Meanwhile, we entrepreneurs could continue to develop and improve our local services so that once investors do come in, they, too, will stay- and keep coming back.”

We may never know for sure whether the surprising consistency in Joseph Go’s beliefs for both his business and for Iloilo was intentional or serendipitous, but his words did leave us with an indelible yet simple formula: Train well. Market effectively. Keep your customers happy. And keep them coming back.

Source: Ilonggo Initiatives published by Iloilo Business Club (2011)


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