The Municipality of Balasan

Balasan was the once big town in Northern Hloilo In 1847, Govemor Silverio of Capiz permitted Francisco Arriola of the pueblo of Navas, Capiz (now town of Aklan), to settle on the unpopulated eastern part of Capiz. With 50 families, Arriola sailed and settled at what they called Bolokawe.

Later, because of food scarcity, Vicente Novales had a group of families southward to a place they called Maya. In 1852, Maya became a barrio with Novales as its first teniente. In 1864, the barrio site was transferred to Manhut Sur during the incumbency of teniente Felix Tuyos. Lastly, it was moved to the present poblacion of Balasan the new name (after the sand, balas, of Bangon River).

Balasan was then a barrio of Bolokawe (later Carles). In 1854, it became a pueblo with Maximo Gomez as its first capitan. During the Philippines Revolution, the town organized the Ejercito de Agrabiados mostly composed of relatives of the victims of the Spanish guardia civil. The agraviados burned the church, convent and headquarters of the Guardia Civil and installed Manuel Ganzon as president.

When the Americans established the government in 1901, they appointed Juan Arguelles as president. In 1903, the towns of Carles, Estancia and Batad were made its barrios making i a very big town. However, gradually, these barrios became towns again.

Source: The League of Municipalities (Iloilo Chapter) | “A Testimonial Program” | Pototan, Iloilo | January 8, 1998


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