Chab Chab Korean Food and Cafe is another ideal place where you have your another bonding moment with your Kdrama and Kpop Chinggudeul as you spend another time filled with feels from your favorite oppas. This is also a place that is ideal not just for the Korean culture fans […]


Iloilo City will never have enough unlimited Korean barbecue restaurants. Away from malls and the city, there is Bibimbaboy in E. Lopez Street, Jaro. This is open to serve the Ilonggos with Korean cuisine experience. The place is cozy and well-ventilated. They are also using charcoal for grilling and there […]

Yam Nam Korean Restaurant is another place you must check when you are in Iloilo City. If Korean food is always on your mind, this is the sign you should have some. Iloilo City is so lucky to have fantastic k-restaurants all over the metro. If you love k-barbeque so […]

The popularity of Samgyupsal houses in Iloilo City continued to rise this past few years. This amazingly simple yet delicious pork belly recipe has taken the city slowly. Almost every month, there is a new place to try. The literal translation of “samgyupsal” is three layered meat pertaining to the […]