Hunger Pill is a humble food kiosk in Iloilo selling primarily Korean Hotdogs. If you closely follow Korean Dramas, Korean Hotdog is the business of Seo Dal-mi’s halmeoni (grandmother) in Start-Up. Korean Hotdogs are also known as Korean corn dogs, are a popular Korean street food that has already found […]

Gogi Boy is where you can experience outdoor Korean Samgyupsal in Dumangas. When you are up to try other Korean restaurants, this an ideal place to explore Korean taste. If you see someone digging into that Samgyupsal and cravings hit, your stomach starts to growl, and you find yourself drooling. […]

Meogbang Samgyupsal is another samgyupsal place you need to try in Iloilo City. Samgyupsal is well-loved by Ilonggos despite the guilt of munching layers of fat. Once the meat went to your mouth, you will start loving it. It is not difficult to find a samgyupsal place in Iloilo. More […]

Lucky 4 Samgyeop & Shabu-Shabu is located in Dumangas. It is another place to fix your shabu-shabu samgyeop craving. There are also additional food available other than the two mentioned. Also, they have a mini grocery where you can buy your needs. Location: P.D Monfort, Dumangas. brgy. Lublub. Near the […]

Lynie’s Bulalohan is a good News to all Korean Food Lovers. This is another place to have an unlimited Korean samgyupsal. Enjoy the food experience with up to 6 side dishes. Korean Ramyun will be available. This is a place where you can experience both native Filipino food and Korean […]

Samjang Iloilo is serving Korean fried chicken in Iloilo City. This includes chicken fillet and bite size chicken. While majority of Korean restaurants in Iloilo focuses on serving samgyupsal, this place is your go-to when you crave for some chicken. See also: The Best Korean Restaurants in Iloilo If you closely […]

Seoul Mate Home Kitchen started for their love for Korean dramas. As a drama fan myself, the casts are often enjoying eating the delicious and appetizing Korean cuisine. This also includes street foods, desserts and more. In Iloilo, the most familiar with Ilonggos are probably kimchi and samgyumpsal too. Good […]

Yam Nam Korean Restaurant is another place you must check when you are in Iloilo City. If Korean food is always on your mind, this is the sign you should have some. Iloilo City is so lucky to have fantastic k-restaurants all over the metro. If you love k-barbeque so […]


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