My Iloilo Zombie Run Experience

It all started when we have elected our new event’s head committee – Glory. This is our first ever activity under her leadership. October 19, 2013 – the date of 2nd Iloilo Zombie Run. Unfortunately, this date falls n a Saturday and we have work on this day. So we talked to our bosses if we can join the event and in exchange for Saturday, we will get to work for one day-off. And yes they agreed! Everybody is excited and as we get closer to this day, we tremble.

And today – yes today, we hurriedly came to the venue to put make up so we will look like a real zombie. To my surprised (and to the surprised of my friends too) participants must come to the venue in full costume and make up. This explains why I saw people on their way to the venue who really looks so creepy.

Since I registered as a zombie, I am to dress and look like a zombie. Our events head told us that we need to come early at the venue because there are people who’ll place make up to us but when we looked for a booth of people-who-will-place-make-up we found no one! (facepalm) We are so lost. I, Reynan, Krissel, Gerdee, Krystal, Josie, Cristina & later Key were designated on one area. Honestly, I really want to ran out of that place because I was so ashamed. Every area has designated zombies and our place is the funniest of all!

I looked at the other groups of zombies and I saw a couple of photographers who were so busy capturing memories of zombies who looked like a real zombie with complete props and paraphernalia. Then I looked at myself and my friends – we looked like a joke. We placed a little red food color on our face and black eye shadow around our eyes – what is so special about this?

I was about to quit then when I looked at my team of zombies, they were all laughing. They told me that “happiness is all in the mind” then I started to laughed with them. When the “first wave” begins, I was a little hesitant on to catch running humans because of my “costume” but it was only temporary. As minutes went by, I felt happiness filled me until I became happy – very happy.

The rain started to fall until it became very heavy. We played with rain, we danced with rain. It erased the improvised make up we did and all the make up of “beautiful zombies”. We were all wet when the 2nd Zombie Run ended. It was an awesome experience!

Today, I proved that all things are just in your mind. What you think might what you’ll get. Over-all, it was not a bad experience for us first-timers. I am looking forward for the 3rd Iloilo Zombie Run.

It is more fun to be a Zombie!

2nd Iloilo Zombie Run 2nd Iloilo Zombie Run 2nd Iloilo Zombie Run 2nd Iloilo Zombie Run


Sheila is a legal editor and a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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