Iloilo Barter Community

Barter is a term used when two parties exchange good or services without using money. It is an old method that even our ancestors were doing when Philippine currency was still unavailable.

For example, if a tribesman would like to have some fish he would present his chickens or pig to another in exchange of fish. History can even track it back to 6000 BC when Mesopotamian tribes introduced it. Later, Babylonians developed a more improved barter system where they exchanged for weapons, food, spices and tea.

Iloilo Barter Community

Fast forward to 2020, Iloilo Community, through Facebook Groups feature has organized a pool of people where you can harmlessly exchange new or pre-loved items to things you desire.

Group Rules

This is a healthy community (no spamming, no networking, no fake news or the like). To maintain its cause, here are the guidelines of the group:

1. Post the item you want to barter. With brief explanation or description. You can also post estimated worth.

2. Other members can offer an item and you can choose which one you like from the ones offered.

3. The offers can go on in the thread until the one who posted selects from the thread by replying to the choice.

4. Once the choice has been made the barter is now deemed completed. Both parties must agree by saying DEAL!

What to Trade and What You Get

Basically, everything. There are member who would trade their perfumes, bags, cosmetics, skin care, shoes, kitchen appliances in exchange of food, plants or other goods.

Other Important Rules

1. No posting of links, questions, discussions, topics, videos, photos of personal experiences.

2. Be kind and treat everyone with respect.

3. Adhere to posting guidelines. No use of foul or vulgar language.

4. Admins have the right to kick out or reject anyone in violation of the community rules.

5. This is strictly a NO MONEY/CASHLESS community.

6. The transactions of the members of this community is not in anyway connected to the admins.

How to Join

All Ilonggos are welcome. Preferrably in Iloilo areas for faster meetup or trading. Are you excited to see what you can trade or get in exchange? Join Iloilo Barter Community today.

As of this writing, there are 1500 active members and I can say that I have been here since 9 in the morning and I just keep on scrolling for good deals. Happy trading!


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