Now Open: Mama’s Home Quarantine Store for Kids and Kids at Heart

As the Filipino nation continues its battle to flatten the curve, provinces and cities have issued their own Executive Orders for Enhanced Community Quarantine. Kids and adults are requested to stay at home. There were already a number of memes circulating that some are started to get bored and runs out of things to do.

Hycinth Clor de Arta, shared with the social community her unique strategy on how she keeps the kids productive amid the enhanced community quarantine in their area.

Mama’s Home Quarantine Store

She opened Mama’s Home Quarantine Store for the kids. It is a makeshift sari-sari store or a small convenience store selling goodies that kids would definitely love.

Mama home quarantine

She provided play money which the kids could use in buying items from the said store.

How to Earn the Money

Before earning the money, the kids must work hard for it. Pricing of the store is expensive because of the availability of the coins and smaller bills.

How to earn the money

Several examples of earning the money are by doing household chores such as sweeping the kitchen, living room, garden area and washing the plates. This could depend on the capacity of the children to do the chores. It could be as simple as arranging the toys up to folding the clothes. Be creative.

Mama and kids

The Rules and Regulations

House rules shall also be applied. Regulations related to the current situation are implemented like wearing of masks at all times and using alcohol before entering the store. You may also get creative in your own store.


Various Groceries Items

The more items in the store, the more enticing it is for kids. Various items such as candies, chocolates, curls and biscuits are very inviting to them.

More sari sari store items

The best contribution we can do right now is staying at home to mitigate the spread of the virus. Happy selling to the sales persons of the quarantine stores and happy buying to the kids.



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