DIY: Recycled Tissue Core turned into Crochet Pen Holder

Every day, there are countless tissue cores that are being thrown away. They are piling up with other bathroom trash. Although these are made of paper and are biodegradable, they are still silently hurting Mother Earth. Here’s our little share to recycling tissue core.

Tissue Core

Mary, my friend is an enthusiast of crochet, came up with this idea – to make the tissue core the support of the pencil holder crochet. She and Ella keeps a number or pens and journaling stuff at work so this is very helpful for them to keep their workstation neat and organized.

tissue core as pen holders

With her help, I was also able to make some of these. Come this month, our team planned out an outreach program and one of our fundraising ideas is to sell pen holders for extra cash needed to carry out our mission.


For everyone who is also planning to do their own crafts, here are the materials needed:

Tissue core
Tshirt yarnHook
Stitch marker

materials needed


1. Create a magic circle to start the base. Start with 6 single crochet; then 12 single crochet for the next layer and 18 for the final base.


2. You can start 18 single crochet going up to cover the tissue core. Approximately, it takes 8 layers to completely cover the core.

crochet pen holder

3. You can vary the design by doing two-toned color scheme or stripe like.

colors of pen holders

You can buy t shirt yarn and other crochet material here in Iloilo from shops like The Yarn Artisan and The Yarn Land. Mary got hers mostly online.

PEN HOLDERS as Gifts and Souvenirs

This project is also ideal as present for friends and families. This can also be a great souvenirs on birthdays (especially debut) and weddings for you can easily customize the colors according to you theme and motif.

multi colored pen holders

You can send us a message for orders.


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