Angelina as the “Star” of the Media Noche

With the new year celebration drawing closer, hands are busy working on macaroni and fruit salad recipes, tangy and sweet spaghetti, glazed ham, soft and silky leche flan, as well as various frozen ref cakes, roasted duck, chicken, and pork. And at the corner of the table, there is your tray of fruits, spreads, and of course, a loaf of Angelina bread.

Yes, I am describing our media noche table (which might be yours, too).

The Quest for Angelina

At around 8 o’clock in the morning, my mother called me at work to tell me that she is in downtown Iznart where the Angelina outlet is located – but there are no more loaves left. The next batch will be delivered in the next few hours.

I hurriedly went to the supermarket near my workplace and found empty green crates of bread. I knew it belonged to none other than Angelina. I sadly asked the staff if there were still some left, and she directed me to the bread section.

angelina vacant

Once there, we found six pack of loaves! I took four and my colleague took the remaining two. The bread section looked empty in a few minutes.

I held my basket tightly, joined the queue at the cashier, and excitedly called my mom to report that I have secured loaves for us.

angelina iloilo

Angelina is All-Over

When I took my usual route home, the majority of passengers were also holding their bags with one or two loaves. Whether you’re young – or not so young – your plastic bag will contain that green packaging we are all familiar with.

angelina jeep

Angelina in Other Days of the Year

It is during the Holiday season that you’ll see the bulk of Angelina products, but they’re also just as popular year round. These crates (and its fans) in the city, most especially at downtown Iznart.

Aside from their super loaf, I also love their other note-worthy products, like the buttered toast (which is always out of stock because a lot of people like to hoard them, I guess), and my go-to snack, the cheese bread. Happy? Cheese bread. Sad? Cheese bread. Angry? Cheese bread. Annoyed? Cheese bread. No matter the question, cheese bread is the answer.

This is my Angelina story. What’s yours?

 Disclaimer: NOT a sponsored post. Just a fan.


Sheila is a legal editor and a digital marketing enthusiast. She is a kdrama fan, a dog person and a certified foodie!

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