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One of the “Most Livable City” Iloilo City has been enjoying this recognition for years. Signs of progress is highly visible from the wider roads up to taller buildings. More investors are finding their way to put up businesses that leads to opening of more opportunities not just for Ilonggos but also from other neighboring province and towns.

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With all the changes that has been brought about by the technologies and modernization made available, how much are we giving attention and importance to our health and overall wellness?

Healthcare in Iloilo City

Healthcare is simply the thing we do every day – from the food we eat, activities that we do, and the over-all lifestyle. With the help of the trusted medical practitioners, the maintenance and improvement of every person’s over all well-being is never impossible.

Lifestyle Diseases & the Role of Medical Practitioners

During the discussion, the team was able to tap the concerns of what we call today “lifestyle diseases” brought about by the changes in the routine and activities of people in the present and in the past. Doctors Eugene and Felix have shared with us the challenging rate of cardiovascular-related and HIV concerns in the city that may primarily rooted from an individual’s lifestyle.

Other cases that were discussed are:
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • (and even) HIV

The vast changes in Ilonggo lifestyle such as the rise of nightlife and array of dining spots are not bad as long as we all take responsibility in our own actions. This is where the roles of medical practitioners comes in. The Medical City Iloilo is up for patient partnership. Through educating, counselling and conferences, more and more people will get the chance to be educated and be more aware of the things that are happening especially when their health matters.

Dr Eugene Ramos

Stacky and Dr. Felix Villa

The Medical City Iloilo Highlights

The Medical City Iloilo is celebrating its milestone as they turn 8 this year! Through the years, the team has provided the Ilonggo only quality healthcare programs for every one’s wellness. Here are some of the developments TMC is really proud of:

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  • Dialysis Service
  • CTRI
  • Z-Benefit for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  • AMI Pathway
  • Brain AVM
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program

Aside from these continuing program, TMC is not stopping here. The future is ensured with projects that we haven’t seen in the city.

TMC 8th Anniversary Schedules

Follow TMC as they celebrate this great milestone in providing quality healthcare in Iloilo.

Here are the activities that you may be interested in joining:

April 13
Health Caravan

April 16
TMC Iloilo Family Day
Thanksgiving Mass
Blogger’s Conference

April 27
Grand Zumba Day
@ City Time Square

April 28
Infinity Soiree

The blogger conference ended up with a sumptuous dinner.

TMC Blogger Conference 2018

TMC Blogger Conference

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