Molo – Iloilo City Proper via Baluarte Loop Jeepney Route

Molo – Iloilo City Proper via Baluarte Loop jeepney route (“Baluarte”) is for those who are residing in parts of Molo areas and those who have government transactions particularly in Bureau of Internal Revenue (“BIR”) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (“DSWD”).Baluarte Liko

The route is also ideal if you are studying at Baluarte Elementary School, Molo II Elementary School, Molo I Elementary School, Iloilo City National High School and Iloilo City College.

It is also the route that will lead you to establishments and landmarks like GT Mall Molo, BDO Molo, Plaza Molo, Molo Church, Molo Cemetery and Molo Supermart.

Red line indicates the explained route.

Baluarte Liko 1

From Plaza Molo (the side where Molo Mansion is), it will pass by Locsin Street all the way to Lopez Jaena Street and Baluarte-Calumpang-Villa-Oton- Blvd.

This means, from Plaza Molo, it will pass by the portions of barangays Poblacion, San Antonio, Salvacion Habog-Habog, Kasing-Kasing, East Baluarte.

In this particular portion of the street, you will pass by Baluarte Elementary School, Makinaugalingon Press, and the residence of Don Rosendo Mejica.

This indicator ends where the Calumpang Route makes a turn going Calumpang-Calaparan areas.

Baluarte Liko 2

The next red line is from the Bangga Baluarte all the way to Tanza Church.

In this pass of the route you will pass by barangays of South Baluarte, North Baluarte, Infante, Tanza Baybay and Tanza Bonifacio.

From this part, you will pass by areas of Dragon Lodge, Sofia Lodge, GDith’s Trading, bangga of Fishing Port, Robinson’s Builders, entrance of Tanza Cemetery, Gegato-Abecia, Tanza Church.

Baluarte Liko 3

In this next indicator, this comprises the road from Tanza Church straight to Unitop-Socorro areas.

This is now the stretch of Ledesma Street where in you will pass various schools and establishments from Rizal Elementary School, Quezon Elementary School, Bonifacio Elementary School, Seventh Day Adventist Church.

If the jeepney is from Plaza Molo/Molo areas going to the City Proper:

This route is passing Iloilo Terminal Market (“Super”) to bring passengers who have transactions in the said area. If there is someone whose destination is Super, it will take a turn in the corner of Ledesma-Jalandoni. This is where the “frontline” murals are located or across Seventh Day Adventist Church.

If there are passengers whose destination is super, it will make a detour at Jalandoni Street, De Leon Street and Fuentes Street before returning to Ledesma Street. (Don’t worry about the streets too much these are just the ones surrounding Super).

It will then go straight to Ledesma Street until it reaches Socorro Drug Store and will make a turn on the side of Iznart Street where the Chinese-Iloilo Friendship Arc is located.

  • EastWest Bank
  • Robinsons Main
  • MaryMart Block/Alley
  • Iloilo Auto Supply
  • Unitop
  • Socorro Drug Store

Baluarte Liko 4

From Socorro Drugstore or the Chinese-Iloilo Friendship Arc is located, it will go straight until it reaches Maria Clara Statue.

  • Novo
  • Iloilo Grand Hotel
  • Iloilo Central Market
  • Los Filipinos Bakery
  • Maria Clara Statue

Baluarte Liko 5

From Maria Clara Statue, it will make a turn in University of Iloilo area. It will also pass by Gaisano Guanco and make a turn at Ortiz Street until it reaches the Iloilo City Hall block.

Baluarte Liko 6

This part now is where you can find the Iloilo City Hall and Plaza Libertad. It will go straight to Mercury Drug Store, make a turn and pass by Iloilo Society Commercial, Gaisano Guanco and to return to Molo areas again.

  • Iloilo City Hall
  • Plaza Libertad
  • Mercury Drug Store
  • Pacifica
  • Iloilo Society Commercial
  • Gaisano Guanco
  • University of Iloilo
  • Iloilo Central Market

Baluarte Liko 7

This one is the returning route. The jeepney will basically just pass through the same way again from Iznart Street, the stretch of Ledesma Street and Molo areas again.

  • Iloilo Grand Hotel
  • Mr. Cow
  • Iloilo-Chinese Friendship Arc
  • Socorro Drug Store
  • Unitop
  • Robinsons Main

If the jeepney is from City Proper to going back to Molo areas:

It will make a turn at the corner of Ledesma-Mabini (the side entrance of Robinsons Place Iloilo). Passing the streets of Mabini, a portion of J. De Leon and Fuentes until it can return to the main of Ledesma Street.

If you want to drop by Super, always tell the driver that your destination is there or else he will not pass this alternative route.

Baluarte Liko 8

This one is from Molo Plaza again but will pass by M.H. del Pilar Street. This is just the street where GT Mall Molo, DSWD, BIR, Molo Cemetery, Molo I Elementary School, Iloilo City National High School and Iloilo City College is.

Baluarte Liko 9

Lastly, Molo Baluarte will make a turn to Ganzon Rotunda (Iloilo City College), where the monument of the late senator Rodolfo Ganzon is located.

It will then pass by the barangay of San Pedro and San Marcos Street. This is where the old Molo Terminal is situated. This part of the route ends at Molo Supermart before the jeep returns again to Molo Plaza / front of Molo Mansion.

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