Fighting Chicken is a casual dining establishment located in Festive Walk Parade that is specializing in serving various chicken dishes. Their best-seller is the unlimited-chicken with Korean street food inclusion and cheese fondue. Fighting Chicken Menu Their menu offers unlimited chicken experience and it comes in the following flavors: Snow […]

FIESTAS IN THE CITY DOT-VI Every last week of May Local festivals take place in every city, town and village throughout the region at some point during the year. Some of the best festivals and fiestas in Western Visayas have deep religious and historical meaning whilst others are simply meant […]

SEMANA SANTA 1st week of April Province wide lloilo has its own beautiful Lenten traditions celebrated in many towns. For visitors and tourists here in time for the Lenten spectacle, towns offer plenty of other things to do. Church-hopping through Via Crucis from the 1st till the 4th districts of […]

BIRAY PARAW FESTIVAL Municipality of Leganes Every 3rd week of June The coastal town of Leganes takes pride of its paraws. The annual celebration of Biray Paraw calls attention to the towns’ active involvement in the tourism promotional programs of lloilo. The activity is seen as an important vehicle in […]

PANGISDA FESTIVAL Municipality of Carles Every 2nd week of October A Hiligaynon term for fishing, Pangisda pays tribute to the fishermen who braved strong waves, endured the heat and cold winds just to provide food for the family and the community as well. It started initially with street dancing depicting […]

PAILAW SA PLAZA Municipality of Alimodian Whole month of December Alimodians festive season officially gets underway the whole month of December with another cracker of a Christmas lights switch-on event. The countdown to Christmas opens on the first day of December launched in full merriment with evenings of festive fun […]