186 Laksa: The Home of Iconic Spicy Coconut Noodle Soup

186 Laksa is the place in Iloilo City where you can have a taste of laksa without boarding a plane going to Singapore. All you need to do is to ride one or two and you will certainly reach the location of this Singaporean favorite.

186 Laksa Wall

Laksa is a spicy noodle meal which is very famous in the Peranakan cuisine of Southeast Asia. It comes in a hearty bowl of rich, thick and spicy curry coconut milky soup with a special noodle and topped with chicken, fish or prawns.

186 Laksa Menu

Their specialty meal as mentioned is katong-laksa but you can also pair it with kaya toasts that they also serve. For a complete gist of what they offer, kindly see the photos of their menu.

186 Laksa Menu

186 Laksa Menu

What We Had

We had a bowl of their katong-laksa of course. We paired it with a serve of Kaya Toast. Surprisingly, they complemented the taste of each other well.

186 Laksa

186 Laksa

If I would to describe the taste in the simplest explanation, it tastes similarly to a ginataan nga pagi or tilapia with less the langsa and more of unique spices and flavors carefully complemented with their special noodles and distinct toppings.

186 Laksa Meal

186 Laksa Kaya Toast

186 Laksa Jaro

186 Laksa Iloilo

How to Get There

Getting here is very easy. It is located along the road within the territory of Barangay Sambag Jaro. It is just located in front of Sambag Baptist Church.

Simply ride a Jaro CPU Ungka Terminal jeepney from downtown Iloilo and tell the driver to drop you in the area.

The place is not that big but it can accommodate groups of friends or family. Sometimes, it is a good idea to try something new food place from what we are used to have and from where we typically go. Allow yourself to be amaze that flavors of other country are actually delicious.


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