HABLON FESTIVAL Municipality of Miagao Every 1st week of September The town of Miagao annually showcases one of its indigenous and valuable industries through a festival that will further boost their hand- woven fabrics as world-class. The festivity will be highlighted by the Lin-ay sang Hablon and Little Miss Hablon. […]

PAGNAHI-AN FESTIVAL Municipality of Bingawan Every 21st of June The early residents of Bingawan constructed a long house-like structure made of light materials. It accommodated forty families and they called it “Pagnahi-an” because the partitions were sewed together. The original structure was once located at the roadside east where the […]

KALAMAY FESTIVAL Municipality of San Enrique Every 12th of July Held alongside the towns’ Foundation Anniversary, Kalamay, local term for sugar, is San Enrique’s major industry. Social and economic undertaking of the town is centered on agriculture. Known as “The Sugalandia of lloilo,” the town is largely agricultural and ere […]

IWAG CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Municipality of Pototan Every 16th of December If you are wondering where you can find the best Christmas lights in Iloilo, then look no further. The IWAG Christmas Festival of Lights in Pototan annually celebrates this must-see holiday attraction for the entire family. It was […]

CARABÃO-CARROZA FESTIVAL Municipality of Pavia Every 3rd of May The Carabao-Carroza Festival, considered as the province’s oldest that has evolved into a ritualistic occasion combining the colorful and enjoyable atmosphere of deeply-rooted events of parade and race annually observed as part of the towns’ Municipal Fiesta celebration. The celebration opens […]

BINANOG FESTIVAL 2nd week of December Municipality of Lambunao Living in small disconnected settlements, the Panay Bukidnons or Sulodnons of Lambunao have retained their own culture and unique forms of dance and music which they have preserved through the ages. Their most highly developed art – the Binanog dance, celebrates […]

BANTAYAN FESTIVAL Last week of March Municipality of Guimbal Bantayan Festival annually celebrates its rich history through a dance-drama presentation-competition using impressive prop, traditional dress, music and dancing with a blanket of dramatic expressions. Performances are always a spectacle. It is a happy celebration but most performers get to be […]

TAMPISAW FESTIVAL Last week of April Municipality of Concepcion Tampisaw, a Hiligaynon term “to frolic” or “playfully wade in the water” also known as Concepcion’s Festival, is a festivity that coincides with the annual Earth Day Celebration-celebrated in almost 192 countries across the globe, the event is to increase awareness […]