Globe to Provide Equal Benefits to Legal Dependents of Same-Sex Couples

In a landmark move supportive of SDG No. 11 promoting gender equality,  Globe has begun  recognizing the qualified dependents of same-sex legal couples in its employee base.

The new company policy took shape in January 1, 2020 covering all regular employees who contracted marriage with their same-sex partners in countries where same-sex union is legal.  In respecting these unions, Globe is the first company in the Philippines to extend similar benefits to dependents of its employees who come from the LGBTQ+ community.

In 2019, Globe became a signatory to the United Nations’ Global Impact and has committed to implement sustainability principles hinged on four pillars that include Digital Nation, Care for the Environment, Care for People and Positive Societal Impact. Globe has been supportive of the 10 SDG  principles in action that promote diversity and inclusion, especially in the workplace.

“Globe has always been respectful and cognizant of gender equality. We hope that by showing concrete examples of how truly diverse and inclusive our company is, our LGBTQ+ employees will be more inspired, motivated to work harder and feel the importance and care we now formally extend to their legal spouses,” Renato Jiao, Globe Chief Human Resource Officer, says.

Globe defines same-sex spouse as the same-sex partner of an employee, who is married,  joined or registered in a country where same-sex marriage, civil union, civil partnership or registered partnership is legally accepted, and is cohabiting with him/her.

As dependents, same-sex legal spouses are entitled to the following company initiated benefits such as in-patient and out-patient medical coverage (all employees); dental (executive-level employees); leave credits due to illness in the family that requires hospital confinement (all employees);  and bereavement leave.

As additional beneficiary, same-sex legal husbands or wives are now entitled to Group Life and Accidental Death insurance (all employees); bereavement assistance (all employees); and Retirement Death Benefit (all employees).

Known to be a purpose-led organization, Globe has been at the forefront of giving empowerment and equal opportunities to its employees.  This resonates well in the company’s culture, enabling it to be one of the best global high performing company indexes for many  years.

Globe has won the Best Employer of the Year Award from the International Business Awards (Stevies) in 2018 and 2019; and Best Workplace in Asia from Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) three times in 2014, 2018 and 2019.


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