Resemblance: Modeling Competition

Resemblance: Virtual Modeling Competition is a part of CPU Republic Virtual Week 2021. LGUs and local artists celebrates their craft and promote creativity by showcasing their stand to the different social issues affecting the greater good.

Here are the entries for 2021’s Resemblance: Virtual Modeling Competition as part of the CPUR Virtual Week Celebration.

College of Arts and Sciences “Mental Health”

Mental Health

From the College of Arts and Sciences:

As they say it’s mind over matter.
But what if our mind doesn’t work well? Does it matter?

Mental Health does exist and is rampant nowadays, especially among the youth.
we should stop the stigma of ignoring it.

To raise additional awareness, we created this design made from things we can see throughout our surroundings. Like zip ties, mosquito nets, sack bags, ropes, old cd’s, and shells.

The intent of our design is to depict the different things involved in Mental Health.

The brain symbolizes mental health itself as to its function is to send signals throughout our body and is responsible for our emotions.

The magnifying glass shows us that we can seek help from our love ones, friends, and professionals to build a strong support system and it’s a steppingstone for enlightenment.
To bring hope to anyone seeking help solve their underlying problems not seen by the naked eye.

The heart simply means that we should be positively happy, show kindness, love others and most importantly love yourself.
You can save anyone’s life by showing they are worthy to be loved.
Choose love not hate.

The X mark shows us that we should get rid of negativity, avoid toxicity and any threat that can affect our mental stability.

Lastly, the light bulb tells us that there is always a brighter side within the dark.
We should also be a light to others to lead them to the right path.

And if you take a good look at this design you will realize that the things, we barely give significance just needs a second chance. To be seen and to be beautiful again.

College of Business and Accountancy “Human Rights”

Human Rights

From the College of Business and Accountancy:

Influenced by the avant-garde androgyny of Alexander Mcqueen, our ensemble portrays the right of every human.

The first layer is a high fashion personal protective equipment that resembles the controversial case of Reina Nasino, a human rights worker and a political prisoner who was deprived of right of freedom in the midst if her 3 month-old daughter’s funeral. This piece is tailored out of used polyethylene UV plastic, a rawmaterial inconstructing a greenhouse for plants, added with worn-out plastic shopping bag as thecap of its hood.

The second layer is a bodysuit made out of medical elastic bondage with words concerning human rights imprinted on it, fashioned with white corset created fromused “katsa” and combined with leather and shoelace. Giving you an illusion of societal suffocation.

The design itself doesn’t focus on the masculinity and femininity, but it revolves around the duality to represent the equal rights of all gender and social class.

Through our masterpiece, we want to amplify the fact that even on the 21st century, rampant oppression, bias against gender, discrimination of proletariat or people wholive by their labor and selective justice still exists. This is a reminder that basic humanrights are still overlooked.

This is “Bello libertatis”, warrior of freedom.

College of Computer Studies “Illegal Mining”

Illegal Mining

From the College of Computer Studies:

This costume is mostly composed of newspaper, dry leaves and twigs. This two-faced costume symbolizes the harassment of illegal miners to our beautiful home. The other half of the costume is called “Masagana” a clear vision of our mother earth that is abundant of life support and picturesque imagery. While the other half is called “Mina” a devastating outcome of illegal mining, bleak and prone to a lot of danger.

Masagana is composed of dry leaves that is painted green, twigs, and mountains made with crumpled newspapers that symbolizes how healthy our earth should be.

Mina is built also with dry leaves and crumpled newspaper that symbolizes the bleak landscapes that is due to illegal mining.

The headpiece is also twofaced. One is made up with twigs, dry leaves and artificial flowers while the other half is made with dry leaves and twigs.

Our Mother should be beautiful. Help our Mother regain her beauty. Our Mother should be green again…. Stop Illegal Mining!

College of Medical Laboratory Science “Environmental Degradation”

Environmental Degradation

From the College of Medical Laboratory Science:

Are you responsible for this? Look at me. Gaze upon my majestic and immeasurable beauty. Do i-resemble beauty and majesty?

I am Hiraya, goddess of the Earth and let me tell you a story about environmental degradation.

Home became hostile to innumerable creatures that live in them, because we have abused it, perverted it. Now, less fishes swim the same ocean.
Hand painted old curtain, shells and synthetic pearls to represent its richness, recycled net depicting the abused ocean and trash to symbolize the pollution.

The calm and swift fresh air dragging my strong wings across places tells the story of what once was calm can be raging before we find its value, we have taken it for granted. Now we breathe through masks and hope for fresh air.

Bringing life back to feathers from old costumes and hard fabrics, recycled arrow depicting harm to the environment. The mighty roaring mountains and the lush forests as my crowning glory tells the story of what once protected us from raging storms, needs our protection from our own people. Greed, money and power drives us to the edge of degrading the environment to the ground.

Fresh cuttings from home backyard and recycled plastic plants representing the proud green mountains, dried twigs for environmental death, paper mache horn to represent wildlife.

This past year has humbled us, no matter what we believe in, what we stand for and what we fight for, this is our planet. We hold ourselves accountable to the damage that the environment is facing, but we are also the hope that we look for. You and i. Together, we can save and restore the environment.

College of Engineering “Crime”


From the College of Engineering:

A statement piece representing the Philippines and its Crimes.

My College and I were assigned to “Crime” as the theme for this event and we thought crime is such a broad topic since it consists of different illegal acts. We finally came up with the decision to focus on the crimes specifically happening in the Philippines.

I personally wanted to present crime as a deep, meaningful and heartfelt act through an art of symbolism. I also wanted to portray the victims and the offenders in just one piece.

Focusing on the upper part of the dress where you can see the blood, gunshots, handprint and even a torn sleeve. These signify the victims of rape, abuse and killings.

On the lower part of the dress where you can see a shark symbol. Shark being a symbol of power. This indicates the offenders who are hungry for power are also responsible for the oppressed.

And lastly to finish off this look, we made a crown. A crown with a hint of Peso bill. This indicates the high positioned officials, may it be in the national or provincial, for their corruption, graft and robbery.

The overall look of this piece was inspired from the Philippine flag. Red being on top of blue indicates that the country is slowly being dominated by the obvious and unresolved crimes, leaving the country into chaos, wars and conflicts.

This dress was made out from the ordinary because it came from a thrift clothe. As well as the crown made from a used material from our (department) past costume pieces.

I consider this as a masterpiece and I wouldn’t just call this as a costume.

I call this Victema de Pinas. Philippines’ Victim.

Biktima sa Pilipinas, biktima ng Pilipinas.

College of Education “Fake News”

Fake News

From the College of Education:

The primary way by which fake news proliferate is through social media, supported by attractive and appealing headlines and taglines.

This is what we aimed to portray in our photos. Here, I am dressed as a reporter holding a microphone and clothed with glitter and glamour representing the attractiveness of fake news. We picked very bright colors for the costumes and the props to capture the attention of the viewers, making them look as eye-catching as possible.

This is exactly what fake news want from us: our attention. They use bold words, and as in our case, bold colors to let everyone fall for the propaganda that they are trying to spread.

Our prejudice, our emotions, our biases, and what we perceive as aesthetically pleasing to our eyes, are some of the reasons why we get tricked by fake news such as clickbait.

This is the story our picture wants to tell.

And oh, before I forget, be careful not to fall for Pink News! (Fake news)

College of Pharmacy “Illegal Drugs”

Illegal Drugs

From the College of Pharmacy:

The piece tackles the topic on drugs and how our country acts upon it.

The piece is surrounded with the first thing that would always come to our mind when we speak of drugs – medicines, both legal and illegal. The costume is filled with drugs to showcase that people who are protectors or users of these revolve their attention and allocate their time with these alone. This discussion has long been traversing our country but up to now there is still no assurance of when this issue on drugs will be solved or halted.
The face of our model depicts those who have not been given the voice to protect themselves or even explain.

The past years, with the current administration, a lot of EJK arose. And most of which are noted to be those under the influence of drugs. Without due process, these people were killed mercilessly. Next, the jacket contains packets of what we know as shabu and pills. Another point of this costume is the frame up or the set ups done by higher officials whereas they plant these drugs to individuals to show that they are pushing the use of drugs. Lastly, the props which our model have is a placard bearing the line “drug pusher ako”. This again roots back to those who have been mercilessly killed because of the wrong idea that they are drug users and also at the same time the confusion it makes if indeed they were killed by armed officials or with other people just wanted to end other people’s lives.

The faces of these colors and designs surmount our idea of how issues on drugs are tackled in the country. That this piece that our model wears is more than just colors and symbols. It embodies the whole Filipinos who are scared of their lives because of the different notions arising. As Pharmacy Students, the modern exemplars of just apothecaries, we remind everyone that drugs and medicines are there to improve our health status and provide better health and not the other way around.

College of Nursing “Gender Inequality”

Gender Inequality

From the College of Nursing:

Someone once said “A world full of empowered women isn’t one where men are marginalized. It’s a world where everybody thrives.”

The Philippines has been a country that is predominantly Christian and it has made Filipinos conservative especially when it comes to gender roles. They perceive that men are strong and women are weak. It created a pressing system that condones a culture of inequality against women. While efforts are being exerted to strengthen the presence of women in the workforce and political setting, there is sufficient evidence to support that some women still face prejudice
and gender discrimination.

Patriarchal society tends to view women as slaves and commodities, uneducated, and would serve the husband. But as time went by, some women proved
themselves. They broke free from the norms of society as represented by the cage.

The color yellow across the chest symbolizes hope paved by these women heroes during the revolutionary revolt against our perpetrators. The color red symbolizes bloodshed for those who have fought for equal rights. And the color blue symbolizes the courage and nobility that they still hold onto.

The Native lubid which made the details more intricate together with the use of jute sacks as the base of the gown were incorporated into the design to symbolize bondage and oppression because until now, women are not yet fully free. They can still feel the tightness of the rope intertwined through their souls through the judgments they face daily. The weighing scale represents balance, a world that values men and women equally. Ultimately the costume is split into both a man and woman, showcasing the woman’s side more because of their underrepresentation in society.

University Junior High School “Poverty”


From the University Junior High School:

Poverty, the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Poverty is said to exist when people lack the means to satisfy their basic needs. Here in the Philippines, poverty is a contemporary issue. Many of my fellow Filipinos are struggling because of this issue. I don’t know what should be the inspiration of my attire so that I’ll be able to provide a background about my look. And because of this hot issue, I, Xaviela Jane Xerielle Gavileño, of the Central Philippine University Junior High School found inspiration for my clothing.

This issue is rampant even up to this day but just like what my family said, you can always find beauty in every situation that you’re facing.

The details of my attire create an authentic sense of a modern Filipina who finds beauty in every situation that she encounters. The brown tapis found in my attire symbolizes us Filipinos as a powerhouse. We provide support and guidance, making us a protector through and through. As a color of many values, brown regards family, duty, and morals with paramount importance. Just like us Filipinos we do everything for our family. I am like a Brown Tapis. I remain loyal to my principles, ensuring that I will not lose sight of who I am, what I want, and the purpose I serve.

The flower found in my attire is me, why? Just like how a flower blooms through adversities, I will conquer poverty. Flowers bloom where poverty once flourished. We will flourish, together.

University Senior High School “Graft and Corruption”

Graft and Corruption

From University Senior High School:

She has a promise, a pledge to protect, to justify, and to serve the nation. She is adored by the people, yet she is a traitor. A theft, a deceiver, and an oppressor of the powerless. The Senior High School Department displays a profusion of gold. Luxury and power, with the elements of a serpent, an imbalance scale, crowned horns, a chained palace, and an eagle.

The eagle depicts a helpless Philippines, a prey of the serpent. It was created with an old rubber tire and slippers.

The imbalance scale depicts her motives, money over the people. It was assembled with recycled picture frame, chains and plates.

She bribes and influences many good politicians to sin. The chained palace, a representation of the state, can be perceived below her, being manipulated and chained in her arms.

The golden dress was constructed from an old curtain extending to a trail of Patadyong, a local fabric. It was inspired by the Filipiniana, a traditional dress worn by women in the Philippines and accentuated with the riches that she stole all over her body.

The serpent is an embodiment of evil and temptation. The creature was molded from used rags and foams, covered with plastic spoons and embellished with recycled Christmas decoration and jewels.

The crowned horns symbolize greed and betrayal. It was molded with polystyrene foam, cable ties, paper, and surrounded with pearls, stones, and money.

“MAGNANAKAW SA KABAN NG BAYAN” is written all over her face, inscribed in baybayin, a Philippine ancient scripture. A touch of clownery is a representation of the failures of the government and a symbol of protest by the people.

She is the face of graft and corruption, a hideous disease of the nation.

Resemblance: Virtual Modeling Competition is on March 18, 2021, at 6:00 PM live on CPU Republic Facebook Page.

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