#EpicureSeries: PrimRose Uy and Larry Abanilla Lao of Lars Buko Batchoy

Lars Buko Batchoy is the where you can taste a fusion and modern kind of batchoy. Instead of having the batchoy in a bowl, this is served in a coconut shell.  In 2016, Lars Buko  Batchoy bagged the award for 2016 Best Fusion Dish, an initiative by Choose Philippines.

The broth taste extra sweeter because of the coconut juice and maybe because of the owners of the place. They are a couple and this is a part of their story.

Tell us something about PrimRose and Lars.

My name is PrimRose Richelle Paredes Uy, co-owner of Lars Buko Batchoy. I graduated my elementary and high school days at Santa Maria Catholic School now known as Ateneo de Iloilo. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Marketing at the University of San Agustin Iloilo. I love to read books, explore new ideas, go out with friends, and most of all I love to cook and make fusion dishes.

PrimRose Uy and Larry Abanilla Lao

My partner is Larry Abanilla Lao, he is a graduate of Iloilo Central Commercial High School now known as HuaSiong College of Iloilo during his elementary years. De Paul college in high school and a Political Science graduate at the University of San Agustin Iloilo.

With all the food places to compete in Iloilo, how do you keep your menu and offer exciting?

buko batchoy lars iloilo


We make more fusion dishes so that the customers will have something new to look out for and then we do partnerships with company like grab so that it will be convenient for some people to reach us. Sometimes during special occasions, we give freebies or tokens to our loyal customers.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have encountered and what did you learn from them?

lars buko batchoy

Usually the hiring and training of staff is our common problem. It is very hard to look for a staff that is determined to work, love their work and care for it. What we learn from that situation is we just go with the flow. We believe that if he/ she leaves us then they are not for Lars and somebody will come along again.

What is the biggest fulfillment you have in having this business venture?

buko batchoy lars

The biggest fulfillment we have is that we gain a lot of friends, meaning we meet people in all walks of life. We talk and chat with them, share our stories may it be good or bad and somehow our stories may inspire them that in order to succeed sometimes we have to sacrifice some things that we used to do or we used to have.

Any final message or advice you can share to someone who is dreaming of having a restaurant?

Our final message to those people who wants to have a business is that – first, look for a business that suits your passions Because if you don’t love what you do you will fail. Second, there will always be people who try to bring you down. You can always find someone to tell you what you can’t do or why something won’t work. There’s no better satisfaction than putting in the effort to reach your goals despite what other people say. By building a track record of doing what you say you’re going to do, it becomes easy to do things your way – and not worry about the outside noise.

For full details, you may read my previous article on Lars Buko Batchoy.


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