Artivism 3.0: Pitik – a Photography Contest


Artivism 3.0: Marka Merkado is here as part of the 10th Patubas Festival in Barotac Viejo!

Pitik: A Photography Contest

Marka Merkado

Exhibit Opening
December 17, 2019
9 AM – 10 AM

Contest Mechanics

Tema: Merkado Saludo (bugal ko ang merkado)

*Pagkuha sang litrato sa sulod sang merkado lang,
*Paggamit sang pagpanami kag litrato – contrast, brightness, exposure, color balance, saturation, levels, kag vignette.
*Ang litrato pwede makuha paagi sang DSLR, Digital Camera okun Mobile Phone
*8 x 10 inches (8R) ang kadakuon sang litrato kag 300 dpi,
*Pahigda ang pagkuha sang litrato

Kadamuon sang maka-intra 20.

Premyo | 3 magadaug sang 1,000.00

Balasihan sang Paghusgar

Pangamot – 30%
Katahom – 30%
Konsepto – 30%
Kinaiya – 10%

Source: Artivism Facebook Page


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2 thoughts on “Artivism 3.0: Pitik – a Photography Contest

  1. How to register? And when is the deadline of output? Where i can send my entry?

    1. Hello Sir, please see poster for the contact details and added info. You can also reach them via the official contact information provided. Thank you.

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