Marites Olivares Eusoya: Enthusiastically Explores All Mediums

Marites Olivares Eusoya

Marites Olivares Eusoya is a three-year post-kidney-transplant survivor, based in Oton town in Iloilo Province. She’s a 49-year-old mother of two boys, with the youngest diagnosed with slight autism syndrome.

Marites Olivares Eusoya and Her Art

Her art is quite complex because during her childhood, her interest was in fashion designing. She ventured into the field of architecture by profession. She draws and sketches, but she is not really into the visuals.

She thought the her calling was really in fashion since she enjoyed working as a gown designer. She was also a wedding coordinator for almost 15 years. She was also an artist for an export company for six years.

Herself as a Neophyte

Eusoya considers herself a neophyte in visual arts. She thinks she ended up in visual arts by fate. Art practically healed her. She had chronic kidney disease, and it drained her physically and emotionally. After getting a transplant in 2016, she went through post-surgery trauma physically. Her mind was constantly in chaos, she had anxiety attacks, she was stressed and she suffered depression and emotional turmoil.

Eusoya says she sought medical help, but God in his infinite goodness turned her back into the Arts as her second life savior. Her twin-sister and kidney-donor Marife Santander, her husband and kids supports her.

Explores All Mediums and Subjects

Eusoya enthusiastically explores all mediums and subjects. Her major influencer, motivator and confidante is Gregorio “Boy” Masculino.

She has also worked with other Oton-based artists such as Steve Magbanua and Melvin Guirhem to help others through art.

She has joined group art shows at Quiklab in Oton, St. Paul’s Hospital in Iloilo City, various religious institutions and festivals, Gallery-i in Iloilo, Mamusa Bistro at Megaworld Iloilo Business Center.

She’s a member of the Oton Visual Artists League and Hubon Ilonggo art group.

Explore the Colors of Life

She have no specific line of art as she just enjoys expressing her interpretations and impressions through paintings. She was hooked and art for her, is life and her healer. Her colors are vibrant, striking and flamboyant. She wants her youngest kid to explore the colors of life. She expresses what her child cannot, because she knows that he is not “less” but only “different”.

Art Is Life

Her art is fluid, flexible, transparent, calm and serene. It can also be warm, flaming, fiery and burning. She has this desire to create artworks that will make others happy, to see positivity in life, to see and feel the healing power of art. Art is life, art means to survive, art heals.

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For her second artwork for the Breath of Life Project, “Tree of Life”, Eusoya says that the Covid19 world will be healed soon. And so will nature. Everything will be cleansed. The freshness of the air will be felt and enjoyed, along with the clarity and coolness of the waters – above and beneath this sole “Tree of Life”, protector of everything that breathes and otherwise.

It is a living witness that stands strongly and proudly amid the chaos and confusion caused by this pandemic. This Tree is our protector, our mask, a simple way of living. And by this mask, we not only protect ourselves and others – we also protect Mother Nature and all of God’s Creation.

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