Top 10 Things to Take Note under GCQ


Today marks the first day where we are all placed under general community quaratine.

General Community Quarantine (GCQ)

Rappler has released a quick explainer how ECQ differs from GCQ.

In GCQ, people are allowed to move around for work and essential services in barangays without coronavirus cases. Selected industries and establishments can operate at full capacity.

Public transportation are allowed but with enforcement of health protocols. Private vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles are also allowed. Inter-island travel (between Iloilo City and Bacolod for example) is now allowed between two GCQ areas, with safety protocols enforced.

Here are ten important things to remember for us:

1. Wear facemask all the time.

2. Observe physical distancing at least 1 meter every person.

3. If possible, avoid crowded places.

4. When we cough or sneeze, let us make sure that we cover our mouth and nose properly.

4. It is still prohibited to touch these areas: eyes, nose and mouth especially if you have not washed or sanitized your hands yet.

5. Make it a habit to wash your hands as often before and after touching anything.

7. Only those with family relations can ride together on a motorcycle.

8. Take a bath and change clothes upon arriving from work or crowded places.

9. Observe the body your whatever symptom of COVID-19 and immediately report to the health personnel in your respective barangays.

10. People ages 21 years old and below and 60 years old and above are not allowed to go out.


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