Call for Creation of Handmade Get Well Soon Cards for COVID-19 Patients

WVSU University Student Council shared in their Facebook Page that Dr. Nicole Perreras (Doctor in RITM) is requesting if your kids are interested to create handmade get well cards that they can give out to their patients to somehow uplift their spirits. According to the post, each patient will get a get well card as part of their breakfast tray.

How to Send the Cards

You may email the cards to [email protected] and they will print them instead. You can scan a copy and send it to the mentioned email.

Kids, Moms and the Whole Family

If you are looking for a bonding moment with the kids at your home, get well soon cards may be the one of the activities you can have during this quarantine period. Last time, I wrote a post about Mama’s Home Quarantine Store as one of the activities to make the kids in the house productive. This time, you are already bonding, and in addition, you can cheer up our patients.

Canva Get Well Soon Templates

Canva, a website which allows everyone to use drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics, has recently launched their get well cards templates. They currently have two: Get well cards and Get well notes.

Here are finished output from netizens Angelica Flores and Regina Lora Po.

Angelica Flores

regina lora po

What to Write in Your Cards

Not sure what to write? Here are some guides you can recreate:

Hope you get to feeling better soon! (Kabay pa mag-ayo na ikaw.)

Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery! (Ginapangamuyo ko guid ang imo madasig nga pag-ayo.)

Hope you feel a little better every day. (Kabay pa nga kada adlaw maging mas maayo ang imo nga nabatyagan.)

These are just guides and I know you are far more creative than this! Simple gesture as this may be, but this will absolutely go a long way.



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