Dr. Melanie Jane Ausan-Tendencia: Believes in the Power of Art to Heal


Dr. Melanie Jane Ausan-Tendencia is an Infectious Disease Specialist who encounters microorganisms up close in patients and in the laboratories.

She’s a member of the After Clinic Group (“ACG”) and was part of their landmark “Positive Ions” group exhibition.

Sheused to paint with words only, but she was encouraged by the ACG doctor-artists to engage in artworks and she had brushed real paints since then.

She appreciates the chance to be a part “of this noble activity in such a period of great challenges”.

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She believes in the power of art to heal, for man to last.

Dr. Melanie Jane Ausan-Tendencia’s Poem

Still unable to resist painting with words, Tendencia has written a short poem about the power of art amid the Covid19 pandemic:

“The plain, puny facemask,
to block contagions, its task.
Now the canvas of the artists’ stroke,
depicting scenarios behind the smoke.”

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