UP Visayas University Library Receives Book Donations from Philippine Army

Two books were received by the UP Visayas University Library from the Philippine Army on 05 October 2022.

The books titled “Beyond the Surface: Story of Resilience and Redemption” and “Crossing the Red Line” were turned over by TSG Bernardo B. Biton (INF) PA, on behalf of LTC JO-AR A Herrera INF (GSC) PA. Ms. Analiza Galang-Linaugo, University Librarian, received the said donations.

As part of the UPV Library Collection Management Policy and Procedures, the University Library welcomes and accepts gifts/donations if they are offered without conditions regarding their retention or organization within the library and are subject to acceptance by the University Librarian, who makes decisions based on the Library’s Guidelines on Book Donation. (Ms. Ninfa L. Bandorio, University Library)


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