Artivism: Clarity and Critical Thinking

This art making contest is open to “all interested participants” in sharing or expressing their ideas, point of view or opinion regarding the current condition as an effect of the pandemic. This is to encourage artists to articulate their experience through visual narrative, as a medium for meaningful discourse.


Open to all artists, currently residing in Panay, age 18 years old and above.


Participants are allowed to submit one artwork only. Artwork must be an original piece, solely completed by the participant.

Acceptable entry:

Artwork can be in traditional (can be digitally enhanced), digital format or the combination of both media.

Traditional media may include: oil and water-based paints, pen and ink, graphite, charcoal or colored pencil, markers, and watercolor; on paper on canvas.

Digital media may include: digital illustration/painting, digitally-enhanced original illustration or painting. Photo manipulated images are not qualified as entry.

Submitted images of the artwork must be properly photographed or scanned of good quality, of at least 300 dpi resolution, in JPEG format, of not more than 10 megabytes image size. 3000×3000 to 5000×5000.

The participants have the creative freedom for the artwork’s dimension and orientation.

Submission of work:

Artwork entry can be submitted to with the following details:
Name of artist
Title of artwork
Medium used
Short description of the artwork
Contact information

The participant will have to make certain that all information is true and correct before sending the entry.

Submitted artwork will be posted on line in various social media platforms during the duration of the event and is subject for use by ARTIVISM, the creative rights will remain to the artist.

Submitted works will be screened and only the selected top 30 will be featured, 5 works per day for 6 days and the top 5 will be highlighted on day 7.

Submission of entry signifies acceptance of all rules and regulation.


January 30, 2021


1 prize winner of P3,000.00
1 prize winner of P2,000.00
3 consolation prize winners of P1,000.00

Artwork will be judge base on these criteria:

Visual effectiveness: imaginative and advanced used of the medium; creative and effective used of form enforcing the idea the artist envisioned to deliver
Relevance to the theme: clearly exhibits the artist’s intended message.

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