Winston Magampo

Art and Architecture are two of Winston Magampo’s great passions in life.

The 22-year-old self-taught visual artist from Molo District in Iloilo City is a graduate of B.S. in Architecture from the Iloilo Science and Technology University.
Magampo remembers he started to develop his drawing and painting skills as a freshman.

His love for art-making and architecture grew after visiting “Timbuok”, Ilonggo artist Arel Zambarrano’s first solo exhibit in 2016, and seeing up close the latter’s artwork, “Two Steps Behind”.

After ingesting various other influences, tempered by his own experiences and insights, Magampo says: “My work now focuses on the sensual nature of art. I also aim to depict norms or the general public through Social Realism. My art style reflects emotional valence based on true symbolism.”

For Magampo, every art piece connects with American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s dictum that “the truth is more important than the facts”.

Reflecting on his first Breath of Life Project artwork, “Day Off”, Magampo says the piece hopes to capture a kind of “temporary rest before an uncertain tomorrow – where no one knows when, or if there would be, a breakthrough in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic”.

He adds: “Every 15th or end of the month, the government issues an update on the status of the community quarantine, and people are anxious to hear the updates in the hope that the situation will ease.

“Unfortunately, the seemingly repetitive cycle of the pandemic lockdown has only fueled confusion – and a desperation among people who crave for a ‘day off’ when the pandemic is finally put under control.”

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