Plants for Sale: Red Aglaonema Siam Aurora

Add elegance in you homes and garden with this Red Aglaonema Siam Aurora Chinese Evergreen Plant. This plant is considered Lucky Plant and as per Feng Shui can bring you more fortune. It is good in purifying the air by removing chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene or other toxins.

Red Aglaonema Iloilo

Price: P100
Pot Included: Yes
Meetup: Iloilo City area
Contact Number: 09475045308 (Smart); 09564138680 (Globe)
Actual Photo: Yes
Shipping: Customer will shoulder fee

Red Aglaonema Siam Aurora Care

Water them when the soil is almost dry. For tropical country like ours, you may water it regularly to help it grow faster. In addition, place it somewhere where it is not hit by direct sunlight to prevent burning of it leaves and fading of its color.

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