Larry Casinao

To those who closely follow the Iloilo art scene, Larry Casinao does not need any introduction.

In June 2019, he famously popped up on Philippine national media with his touching story of a struggling artist hawking his artworks at one of the public plazas in Iloilo City to raise money to finance his wife’s long-term dialysis treatment.

The story, first documented by a social-media post by concerned Ilonggo youth, captured widespread sympathy. And Casinao became part of the local art lore.
Largely self-taught, his art has strong stylistic links with Manila’s fabled Mabini Art School – prolific, almost naive, but disarmingly honest and unapologetically imaginative.

Based in the higgledy-piggledy riverside barangay of Baldoza in Lapaz District, Casinao heroically supports his family through his paintings and taking on framing, portraiture and caricature commissions.

Check out the link below for his story:

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