Dr. Emmylou Jane Baylosis-Valencia

Dr. Emmylou Jane Baylosis-Valencia, from Barotac Nuevo Town along the central-eastern coast of Iloilo Province, is a practicing Internist/Adult Neurologist.
She is married, mother to a three-year-old son and a proud breastfeeding advocate.

“I did not have formal lessons in art,” she says. “I just draw whenever intense emotions are looming in. I was inspired to try watercolor when i attended a workshop under Sir Yeye Calderon.”

Valencia, a member of the After Clinic Group of medical professionals who also do art-making, acknowledges that balancing medicine and motherhood is difficult. “I would like to look at this pandemic with a set of eyes that take pleasure in strengthening my connection with my son,” she says.

“Like during breastfeeding, I feel that it is magnified as he appreciates my warmth, as he enjoys the nourishment of the breastmilk, my nurturing presence as I hold him, and his contentment as he falls asleep in my arms,” Valencia adds. “I indulge in these quiet but blissful moments especially in the midst of this pandemic. The connection that we have is our mask and our protection.”

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