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Pam Reyes

Pam Reyes, 55, is a single mom of three awesome, independent kids. She’s a fashion accessories designer turned restaurateur turned visual artist. Reyes has loved the arts since kindergarten, but it’s only three years ago that her passion for painting was re-ignited. She hasn’t stopped painting since. “I am hoping that through my pieces, we […]

Rose Rubinos Jabadan

Ilonggo female artist Rose Rubinos Jabadan was born in Molo, Iloilo City, and acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy at the University of San Agustin. She joined the local art scene as early as 1996, through the Circulo de Artista at the said university. On September 2017, she joined “Unekha,” the biggest talent community in […]

Cris Barredo

Cris Barredo is a self-taught artist and art enthusiast. Although his late father was once an artist, the young Barredo says he never learned from him because his father never had the chance to teach him about art. On his own, Barredo started painting flowers and anything about nature in the Impressionist style, but he […]

Paul John “PJ” Cabanalan

Born in Barangay Dorog, Leon, in Iloilo Province, Paul John “PJ” Cabanalan won the grand prize in the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) for the Oil/Acrylic Category in 2017. He was also a national finalist in the Philippine Arts Awards in 2018. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Iloilo […]

Bea Gison

Bea Gison is a 23-year-old visual artist currently based in Iloilo City. She mainly works with acrylics, watercolor and ink. Her artworks involve weaved symbolisms to form concepts from observation and realizations in the hope of influencing the viewer’s perspective. For Gison, art is a medium for influence and an alternative therapy for healing. “In […]

Leo Gali

A self-taught artist, some of Leo Gali’s works depict the marginalised sector. Most of his paintings are influenced by contemporary art styles. A versatile artist, he is not afraid of exploring various mediums. He’s joined several art competitions and has participated in various group exhibitions, some of them in Manila. He currently works as a […]

Melvin Celiz Guirhem

Melvin Celiz Guirhem is a full-time fabric artist from the town of Oton in Iloilo province. He is a co-founding member of Baysulangpu Artists’ Society and the Ogtonganon Visual Artists’ League (OVAL). He is also a former member of Kurit Ilonggo, Art Association of the Philippines, and Hubon Ilonggo. “Art is my shelter, my personal […]

Joemel Mirabuena

Born on 7 October 1984, Joemel Mirabuena is the eldest among seven siblings of farming parents. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, major in Architectural Drafting, as well as a Diploma in Teaching. Aside from being an inspired public school teacher, Mirabuena is also very passionate about his prime field, the […]

Vic Fario

Profile source. Vic Fario is a freelance visual artist and a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in painting, at the Philippine Women’s University in Manila, where he’d also been teaching at the School of Fine Arts and Design. Fario has worked as artist-in-residence at the School for the Arts of the Iloilo National […]

Marvin Dalisay

Profile source. Marvin Dalisay was born on 14 September 1989 in the small coastal town of Banate, Iloilo. He is the 11th of the 12 children of Buen Agsam Dalisay and Remy Baitan Dalisay. He has been drawing, scribbling and using lamp smoke (soot from lampara) in his art since his early years. He studied […]

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